Course Overview

Hi I’m Jess! I've started an online course called Mic Drop Workshop with the mission to get more women speakers in keynote spots. As my speaking career has developed, I'm continuously the token woman in lineups and rarely see an even representation of women voices on stage. 

The good news is this is becoming more noticed by audiences who are pressuring conferences to put more women in the lineup. However, there aren't as many women out there who believe they can be speakers as much as there are men (shocker). So my goal for this workshop is to get women feeling confident in their story in a way where they can make an impact and an income through public speaking. 

This course is a shoe-in for female founders, but not limited to them. Bloggers, influencers, moms, female executives, really any woman with a story that they feel can change people. 

The course will cover everything from debunking myths about speaking, crafting your keynote, speaking techniques, branding yourself, pricing yourself, negotiating, finding gigs and keeping your calendar full. Along with my personal lessons and stories, there will be one on one interviews with a conference director who books speakers and shares the do's and don'ts, an interview with my booking manager on how she negotiates and closes deals, and an interview with my accountant on how to best manage your speaking business financially. 

The course will also include a community component for women who have taken the course, they can find a #speakersister in the private Facebook group where they can support one another and give feedback and referrals.

See you inside!

xoxo - Jess